The company was born in 4th January 1971 as an individual name company and then convert to a partnership company S.n.c. in 26th September 1985. The experience and the acquisition of advanced technologies have lead the company Borghi to levels of excellence. The specialization in the planning and manufacture of moulds and equipment for the cold forming of sheet metal is the technology foundation that has allowed to expand their business in other fields.

In 1992 through an international research the company started the development of steering axles for forklifts and airport tractors G.S.E. ( Ground Support Equipment ). The production has begun at the end of 1996; The innovation and the quality soon conquered the markets of all the world. From this experience and using the most modern design technologies, the company developed a wide range of products beginning from the steering axles with solutions with patents. Since 2003 it’s possible to apply to ours axles a device to limiting the risk and to increase the safety of vehicles on wich they are applied.

Since 2009 Borghi Ivan s.n.c. it began development the motorized wheels both to horizontal motor and vertical. At the same time they began to development the differential axles to electric traction. After two years of development the products were presented at CeMat the international fair in Hannover, Germany, in May 2011 .
From 1th August 2013 Borghi Ivan Snc changing the name in Borghi Assali S.r.l. varying only denomination. Every other reference has been unchanged.